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Next Gen Prosperity Plan

If you read Head Start 2 Riches, then you know all about Ivan's Next Gen Prosperity Plan. 


As well as the need for Life Insurance.   

Below is a reputable life insurance company to help get you started in your search for affordable quotes.

Here’s Ivan’s Top Life Insurance Recommendation

When it comes to recommendations, Ivan is still searching for the best Life Insurance company who offers whole life.  

On the other hand, if you're looking for the absolute most AFFORDABLE coverage (Term life) Ivan believes he has found it. 

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This company has recently been formed and is expected to make major changes in the Life Insurance Industry. 

Some of their investors are Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr, Jay-Z, Kevin Durant, Sequoia, Google, Accel & more. 

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With backers like that, this company is going places. 

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