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OMW 2 RICHES ~ Softcover book


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*Release date June 1st, 2019*

Approximately 150 pages

You'll discover a clear path for Entrepreneurs to accumulate wealth

This is what's written on the back of the book:

Ivan R Maldonado, Author of Amazon's Best Selling Book, "Head Start 2 Riches" gets even more personal in his new book OMW 2 RICHES. 

OMW 2 RICHES is a sincere story of one man's triumph after many failed attempts of trying to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Ultimately, Ivan R Maldonado comes to re-analyze what he is really seeking, redefining true riches in the process.

You have been invited as a passenger on his journey. 

OMW 2 RICHES reveals a clear path for entrepreneurs to accumulate wealth, through his XII STEPS 2 RICHES


I. Learn How to Sell & Negotiate

Not knowing how to sell in the business world is not an option. 

It's a transferable skill that every great entrepreneur must have.

II. Learn about Online Marketing

Adapt or die! 

Online marketing is here to stay. 

Whether you choose to out source your business marketing or not, it's best to 1st learn all you can about it.

III. Learn Self-Discipline

It might be too late for you to join the military, but that doesn't mean you can't find someone to teach you how to become disciplined. 

Self-Discipline will be your most vital skill in your tool box throughout your journey.

IV. Find a HUGE PROBLEM and create a SOLUTION

If your unique product or service truly solves a huge problem, people will be happy to pay you for it.

V. Learn how to Raise Capital

In order to grow any business RAPIDLY you will need money. 

Lots of it!

Of course no one said it had to be your money. 

Learn how to leverage debt. 

VI. Build a Team

As much as you might want to work alone, the REAL MONEY in made when your company consist of a team of successful/smart individuals. 

Don't be afraid to offer equity in your company to important key players who will help grow your business quickly.

VII. Create a perfect Pitch Deck

In order to raise large amounts of capital, you'll need a rock solid pitch deck. 

Most investors will view it on their own time, so make sure it's a really good. One that entices them so much, that they can't wait to discuss it with you in person.

VIII. Create a custom list of people and firms to pitch

Just because an investor is willing to invest, doesn't mean they are interested in your field.

Increase your odds of success by pitching investors who are already in alignment with your product or service.

IX. Pitch

Just like the lottery says,

 "You have to be in it, to win it"

You won't ever raise any capital if you're not pitching. 

With that said, swing away!

X. Create Traction

Do whatever you have to do to grow the business quickly. 

Get some traction going and create a big enough wave, so that the larger companies in your industry are forced to take notice to you..

XI. Get Accquired or IPO

Try not to get too attached to your company. 

Most successful entrepreneurs are happy to get accquired by a larger company in their industry and cash out. 

Or they will end up losing the majority of their ownership after a successful IPO. 

Either way, if you want to accumulate wealth, the main focus should be to get in and out. 

XII. Repeat the Process

True entrepreneurs aren't in it just for the cash. 

Eventually, you'll learn to love the process. 

If that's the case for you, then there's no reason why you would ever want to stop. 

Wealth will be nothing more, than the fruits of your labor.




OMW 2 RICHES ~ Softcover Book


($2.96 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

*Release date June 1st, 2019*

Approximately 150 pages

Live life to the fullest and leave no stone unturned